The Clan Douglas Society Survey.

In December 2016 a proposal was put forward recommending the merger of the Clan Douglas Societies of Australia and North America to create one single international organisation for the benefit of all people associated with Clan Douglas.
The newly merged organisation will be known simply as ‘the Clan Douglas Society’ with regional locations added where relevant. This means the current names of Clan Douglas Society of Australia and the Clan Douglas Society of North America will not change. As more regions or nations form their own groups so too will their location be added to the ‘Clan Douglas Society’.
Administration and finance is to be managed through the North American branch of the Clan Douglas Society and individuals seeking membership pay a yearly fee of USD$20.
Each regional branch is responsible for their own events with support provided through the society where needed.
The purpose of ‘the Clan Douglas Society’ is to follow exactly the same mission statements that currently exist but on an international level whereby fostering the spirit of cooperation, goodwill and kinship with all belonging to Clan Douglas.
As a member or interested person associated with Clan Douglas, your vote counts, as does your feedback and thank you for your participation in this historic survey.

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