The Scottish Australian Heritage Council.

The Scottish Australian Heritage Council was founded in Sydney on 18 June 1981 and remains the primary authority for Clans and Scottish-themed organisations in Australia.

Clan Douglas Society of Australia (and our predecessor the Clan Douglas Association of Australia) have benefited with valued support from the Scottish Australian Heritage Council.

The objectives of the Council in accordance to their Constitution are:

  • To foster within the Commonwealth of Australia that heritage brought to Australia by Scottish immigrants.
  • To maintain within Australia the heritage of Scottish Australians including music, literature, culture, language and history.
  • To encourage the continued use and survival of Scots Gaelic.
  • To remind Australians of Scottish heritage of their heritage and to lift the perception of the Scottish heritage.
  • To promote and organise events which aid in the maintenance in Australia of Scottish music, literature, culture, language and history.
  • To support and to help other Scottish organisations with any of the same objectives.
  • To join in the celebration of Scottish festivals celebrated internationally including Tartan Day.
  • To promote liaison between groups and societies in Australia of Scottish Heritage, or which celebrate Scottish heritage.
  • To encourage, support and promote the genealogical and historical research and study of their Scottish ancestry by individuals, families, clans, and other Scottish societies.
  • To hold events to lift the recognition and public perception of Australians of Scottish heritage including, whenever possible, a week of concentrated event, including Sydney Scottish Week.
  • To affiliate with such other organizations as the council may from time to time think relevant to the objects of the council including, without limiting the such affiliations for the future, the Celtic Council of Australia and the Ethnic Communities Council of New South Wales.
  • To promote assist or donate towards any research or other cause, which assists the objectives of Council or is otherwise for the welfare of Australians of Scottish heritage or descent or which otherwise promotes the public perception of Australians of Scottish heritage.
  • To raise and disperse funds for the furtherance and attainment of these “objectives.

Council membership is open to all people of Scottish ancestry, clan societies, businesses supporting the Scottish culture, and those who want to support and participate in Scottish Heritage.

To join, please click on this link for further information.



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